• This is an independent school work for COMM1970 (Uni of Leeds)
  • My role: Designer, Marketer
  • Created using Adobe Illustrator (AI) Photoshop (PS)


AFINITE - Brand Identity

  • This is an independent school work for COMM1970 (Uni of Leeds)
  • My role: Designer, Marketer
  • Created using Adobe Illustrator (AI)

We were asked to choose a business in Leeds and rebrand it to better fit the company.

I started my design process by taking inspirations from the original logos of this company. One major issue they have is that their brand identity on their website is different from their identity on Linkedin. 

 logo on website

logo on website

 logo on Linked

logo on Linked


Even though their name is afinite, the concept of technology is infinite. As I started to play with the infinity symbol shape, I found many different possibilities with the design of this logo. 


Finally, I am able to combine both the letter "a" and "F" into the design of this infinity shape, and also communicates a sense of connection, intelligence, and professionalism.




The Digital Divide in Canada - Infographic

  • This is an collaborative school work for CMNS253 (SFU)
  • My role: Art Director, Designer, Producer
  • Created using Adobe Illustrator (AI)

In this task, my responsibility is to break down the complex research results that my teammates concluded on our topic and visualize them in ways help ordinary audience to understand. Besides the earlier preparation on our topic, we had three big discussion in terms of the final product. In each discussion, I carefully consult with my teammates and come up with visualization ideas. Then further develop those ideas on a sketch paper (see below) and produce them nicely using Adobe Illustration (AI). 


Each discussion leads to an independent finish on each individual section. It usually took me 3 hours to complete one section. I discovered my strong interest in Communication Design through this project and would love to focus more on this field from now on. 

*All icons from ThenounProject. All designs original.



The Witches House - Illustration & Java Language Programing

  • This is an independent school work for IAT265 (SFU)
  • My role: Designer, Illustrator, Programer
  • Created using Adobe Illustrator(AI), Eclipse(Java Programming Tool)

Left: Sketches and Coding           Right: Original Image Production (Adobe Illustrator)



RUDE by MAGIC! - Kinetic Typography

  • This is an independent school work for IAT100 (SFU)
  • My role: Director, Animator, Editor
  • Created using Adobe After Effect

This animation is created and produced by me independently using Adobe After Effect in my first semester in SFU, 2014 summer. It is also the first time I learned how to use Adobe After Effect. 

As an assignment, I was asked to create a least 45 seconds animation based on the lyric of the song I chose. “Rude” was a huge hit at that time and I thought a high energy song would be very challenging to the task, which it definitely did increase my workload by three times.

The original story board.
In order to focus on the movement of letters and how they resonate with the melody and meaning of words, I started to creating my animation in monochrome. 

(story board)

There are two major technical challenges that I wanted to mention in this work: 


Every movement of each letter in this cut is respectively customized and handles.
It took me over 3 hours to get this 2 seconds. 

I originally wanted to have the letter “A” fly across the entire coming lyrics. But the song moves way too fast and leaves very little time for the changing of lyrics. So, I have to cut the “A” out of the frame earlier while it is still flying and rebuild the scene with another color, which still cerates a sense of flying over and successfully transform the previous scene to the next one. 

It actually took me a while to come up with a solution without compromise. Thankfully the idea worth the effort at the end. 



ICAI Competition - Posters

  • This is an independent graphic work for entering the ICAI competition
  • My role: Art Director, Photographer, Concept, Photo Editor
  • Created with Nikon D7100, Edited in Photoshop  

This is a series of posters (3 pieces) I created for entering the ICAI competition. A competition that is dedicated to raise awareness of integrity in the academic world. 

The task for that year was to create a video or graphic work discusses integrity challenge in the real world. I started this project by relating my previous understanding and observations in the art field to integrity in the academic world. So I concept three scenarios where artists may lose their integrity and mirrored them to similar situations in academia. 

  1. Mindlessly recreating art is just like patch writing: Originality as integrity.
  2. Completely relying on unnecessary format is just like building an essay purely on buzzwords: Content as integrity.
  3. Blindly following trends for commercial purposes is just like choosing research topics on the size of fund: Passion as integrity.

I also used #HaveSomeIntegrity as my main slogan in this campaign. “#” brought a social media layer on a serious topic like this, and the text set a strict and strong tone on the attitude of the campaign. 

*I asked a friend to revise and edit the body text with me, but all the ideas and production are my independent effort all along. *



Graphic Work for ChaseFuture


ChaseFuture (Now Dyad Mentorship) is the world's fastest growing admissions consulting platform. We have a network of over 200 Strategy Consultants whom provide admissions insights, essay proofreads, résumé-building, and interview preparation. Recently, we were named Asia's Top Startup and were recognized by PayPal as Asia's Most Promising Startup. We have been featured in the World Economic Forum, New York Times, Forbes, and University World News.
  • I worked at Dyad Shanghai office for three months as a Multimedia Specialist Intern. 
  • Over the course of my tenure, I was Responsible for all graphic design related tasks include an annual event brochure, online webinar posters, job posts and covers for a series of social media posts.