FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2015


FCAT Undergraduate Conference is an annal event host by Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) where students, faculty, staff, and industry members come together to share knowledge and connect. Students have the opportunity to present performances, papers, installations, and displays that reflect the acedemic work they are excited about. This exciting event celebrates the wide range of works being produced in Communication, Interactive Arts & Technology, Contemporary Arts, and Publishing.



Adele 25 World Tour, Vancouver 


Documented singer Adele's world tour concert at Vancouver. The footage I recorded that made to pop news have earned cumulatively over 1, 000, 000 views on YouTube. 



Vancouver Pride Parade 2014


The Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival is an annual LGBTQ+ Pride event, held each year in Vancouver, British Columbia to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their allies. It is the largest parade of any kind in Western Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended this march before he became the PM for this country. 



RHA & SFSS St. Patrick's Day Pub Night


RHA & SFSS St. Patrick's Day Pub Night is a campus-wide social event. I was hired to document it through photography and videography. During my 2-hour shift, I was able to satisfy a high intensive demand of photo requests and find time to film clips simultaneously. The next day, I delivered 120 edited photos with watermark and over 20 short footage, which means each photo is taken within less than 30 seconds. 



I am a student, a designer, a future media professional and also a freelance photographer. I have rich experience in event photography and love to work in fast-paced environment. 

I provide low-budget event photography service to small business

 if interested, please contact me

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